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Our Work

Commercial Hydroseeding/Hydromulching 

We offer both commercial hydroseeding and conservation hydroseeding services. We use custom blends of hydromulch products, custom seed selections, and binding agents for the best germination and establishment, whether it be turf grass seeds, sprigs, or native seeds for reforestation, we will continue to get the job done and keep our clients happy with the results. 

NPDES and other Construction Permits are often required prior to construction taking place that may cause runoff of water and sediment. Hydromulch is an efficient Best Management Practice (BMP) for your job site. Let our experienced team apply hydromulch to prevent potential soil runoff  at your sites!

Conservation Hydroseeding 

This is a new game-changing service for Hawaii conservation pertaining to large scale plantings and restoration. Through the use of federal grants and our partnerships with conservation organizations and government agencies, we've researched and developed this Best Management Practice for use in the private and public sector conservation industries. 

Our hydroseeding methods have proven time and time again to be more successful, efficient, and more cost effective in many large scale planting scenarios. Some scenarios include post wildfire seeding, roadside shaded fuel breaks in fire-prone areas, fuels management, erosion control, vegetation establishment, landscaping, coastal restoration, and reforestation. 

Aerial Seeding and Aerial Mulching 

Over the years of experience working with helicopters and different pilots throughout Hawaii, we've developed and sharpened our utility of helicopters by adding our aerial applications to our list of services. This approach is mostly used for large scale or remote planting and/or erosion control scenarios. We apply our proprietary mixtures of hydromulch, hydroseed, dry seed, or other dry pelletized products to best fit the specific site requirements. Our system can cover large swaths of acreage in a small amount of time, thus saving our clients time and money. Our staff is trained in U.S. Department of the Interior and the Forest Service's Interagency Aviation Trainings and we prioritize safety with our team and pilot throughout our operations.

Some past projects include:
Aerial hydroseeding native species in 5 strategic acres post burn in Waianae Valley in 2023.
Aerial dry seeding native seeds and aerial pelletized mulching on 13.5 acres post burn in Puu Anahulu on Hawaii Island. 

Aerial hydroseeding native seeds and cover crop seeds in 10 acres post burn Waianae Valley. 



We offer consulting services for construction, vegetation restoration planning, and environmental permitting. We have provided the following consulting services for our past clients: planting and species recommendations, drone surveys, plant surveys, ecological surveys, mapping, GIS analysis, plant nursery development, and forestry/agricultural development. 

For drone work, we use our expertise alongside Island UAV, LLC who are our local experts in drone surveys, GIS/mapping services, and environmental analysis. Also check them out here:





2541 Waolani Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

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