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na hua no na hanauna

Seeds For A New Generation



NES provides land managers and landowners with restoration services such as native hydroseeding and aerial hydroseeding/hydromulching, which is new to Hawaii and can be utilized in many different ways. We offer expertise on restoration planning, biological surveys, and other consulting. 



Our wholesale nursery located in Waimanalo will supply anyone with high quality and vigorously rooted native plants from a selection of many different species. We take pride that our nursery is regularly inspected for pests from a third party inspector and our plants are delivered pest-free. 

Puu O Kona Nursery and Seed Bank also offers native seeds for sale. Our seed orchard is currently producing aalii, kookoolau, uhaloa, wiliwili, koa, and other species. 



We currently serve natural resource managers, landscape businesses and landowners on Oahu. Our clients are interested in native plants for their organization's restoration activities, landscaping, erosion control, Arbor Day events, grant contracts, and more. 

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