Seed For Sale

We produce seeds in bulk from a variety of native  shrub, tree, and groundcover species. Currently aalii, Carex, koa, wiliwili, kookoolau, and uhaloa are being grown for seed. We will have product available in late 2020 so please stay tuned! 

Many of our seeds will be reintroduced into natural areas with the intention of restoration. NES keeps populations of species separate on the orchard, meaning that we only grow one "seed zone" at a time per species. This helps the plants' local genetic diversity to stay intact as nature intended. We also follow established protocols for the initial collection of these species by 1) obtaining proper permits, 2) collecting from at least 10 founder (mother) plants per population, 3) not collecting from more that 20% of available fruit on a plant, and 4) not collecting from cultivated materials, for example. 

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