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Native Hydroseeding 

This highly valuable planting method has a variety of utility from reforestation to urban landscaping to farm reclamation. Water, hydromulch (recycled paper or wood fibers), seed and other additives are mixed to form a slurry that is applied directly to the soil. We use seeds from suitable native Hawaiian species that will thrive in your project site.   


If you have issues with erosion control or dust mitigation, we can apply a slurry to most any steepness or substrate. Hydromulch makes for an immediate ground cover that satisfies NPDES compliance requirements. 

Farm/Ranch Seeding and Reclamation  

Erosion and invasion of non-desirable plants are a common problem in Hawaiis agricutural industry. Let us re-seed your erosion areas or unpalatable grasslands with desirable plant species including cattle feed grasses, native groundcovers, food crops, and native shade trees. Our seeding equipment can cover large areas and that efficiency saves you time and money!

Restoration Consulting 

With over 15 years of experience in controlling invasive species, native plant expertise, and ecosystem restoration expertise, we will make sure that your project results are reaching their fullest potential. Call us for a free site visit and quote today! 

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