Hawaiʻi is home to some of the most diverse and unique ecosystems on earth, yet these ecosystems are among the most threatened in the world. Since the arrival of Captain Cook in 1778, biologists have witnessed firsthand the disappearance of not only Hawaiʻi’s rare plant species, but also more common plant species and the disappearance of the native Hawaiian ecosystem as a whole. 

Non-native grasslands and shrublands now cover nearly one quarter of Hawaiʻi’s total land area and together with a warming, drying climate and a year-round wildfire season, this greatly increases the incidence of larger wildfires and erosion, especially in leeward areas. Erosion or damage from invasive species are among the growing issues throughout the islands.


Native Ecosystem Services LLC is a revegetation company that uses native Hawaiian plant species to restore degraded lands on a large scale. We utilize native Hawaiian seeds, hydroseed technology, whether through aerial or ground operations, and other innovative tools to achieve landscape scale results. Our services offer solutions for the ʻaina. With our successfully and scientifically tested methods and our passionate and experienced staff, we can accomplish planting goals that have never been in received in Hawaii while lowering cost and effort. 

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