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Consulting Services 

We offer our expertise in mauka, coastal, and urban restoration and outplanting planning and implementation. We will assist in species selection, ideal planting locations, and notice other issues you may have with restoring an area to a healthy and functioning landscape. We also offer expertise in botanical inventory and biological field surveys on all major islands.  

NES has over 13 years of upland and coastal field experience on Maui and Oahu working to restore forests and lowlands back to native ecosystems. Let us show you how we can make your restoration or planting project a success! 

A few of our partnerships include:

Kaukonahua Ranch, Waialua, HI- Botanical surveys and plan was written for the ranch for permitting and for future reforestation/restoration efforts. 

Bayer Hawaii- Land restoration site planning included species selection, planting locations, and other recommendations.